Children's Faith Formation


The Religious Education program strives to offer parents and their children an opportunity to learn about and experience the love of God through "Sacred Scripture, tradition, liturgy, teaching, and the life of the Church," as proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council in the Decree on the Bishop's Pastoral Office in the Church.

Our curriculum capitalizes on the child's love of stories, arts and crafts, music, and video. This process allows the children the opportunity to discover for themselves the presence of the Lord in our own community where we work, play, laugh, cry, worship, and live our Christian lives.

Each week, children will bring home the lessons that were scheduled for that week. This will give you, the parents, an opportunity to actually see what your children are learning in class, and, as the primary educators of your children, you will be able to review the lessons with them before the next class.

Students should attend Religious Education each year, starting in Pre-K through 8th grade, until Confirmation.

Pre-K through Seventh Grade – The parish Religious Education Program for children in grades Pre-K-7 uses a curriculum program published by Our Sunday Visitor.  These texts have been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and are in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This curriculum is in a spiral format and focuses on the four pillars of the Catechism which are the Creed, Liturgy and Sacraments, Christian Morality, and Christian Prayer.    

Sacraments – Students must be enrolled for one entire year, with adequate participation before entering actual sacramental preparation.  A sacramental preparation calendar is included with the registration packet.

First Eucharist – Children who are in school grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 who have not received the sacraments of First Reconciliation and Eucharist will be placed in grade 1 of Religious Education.  In the year after receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion, the student will be placed in the grade that corresponds to their grade in school.  A number of additional requirements such as evening sacramental sessions, Mass attendance and a retreat, are required as part of the formation process to receive the sacraments.  Students older than grade 4 who have not received 1st Communion will be placed in a special sacramental class that will enable them to receive all of the formation required for the Sacrament in one year. 

ConfirmationOur Confirmation program uses a number of texts, including Confirmed in a Faithful Community by Saint Mary’s Press, and the Youcat.  This program uses active learning, journaling, and prayer experiences to engage the candidates in a more meaningful learning experience.  A number of additional requirements, such as evening sacramental sessions, Mass attendance, service hours and a retreat are required as part of the formation process to receive the sacrament.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) for Children – This process is designed for children over seven years of age who have not been baptized and who are seeking inclusion in the Catholic Church.  For more information, contact Paula Wright in the Religious Education Office at (407) 636-4295. 

Tuition: In order that the Religious Education Program can provide its students the proper educational materials, tuition is charged for each child.

Fee Schedule

For registrations and full payment made prior to June 1st, the fee is: $65 for one child, $75 for two children, and $85 for three or more children.

After June 1st, the standard tuition rate applies.  The fee would then be: $75 for one child, $85 for two children, and $95 for three or more children.

After August 1st, an additional late fee of $10 per child applies; thus the fee would be: $85 for one child, $95 for two children, and $105 for three or more children.

*A minimum deposit of $35 is required at the time of registration.

Payment Plans – If, for any genuine reason, a family is unable to pay the tuition or needs a payment plan, please contact the Religious Education Office to speak to the Director to make special arrangements. No child is ever turned away from the Religious Education Program due to the inability to pay tuition. All tuition arrangements will be held in strict confidence.

Sacramental Preparation Fees – There is a $50 sacramental preparation fee for each student in either the First Eucharist or Confirmation preparation program.

Student Code of Conduct


Listen to and follow the instructions of the teacher.

Teasing and name calling of fellow classmates is not tolerated.

Touching other students' belongings is not permitted.

Help to keep the room straightened and return supplies to containers.

No use of cell phones or other electronic equipment is permitted during class time.


Stay in your seat at your table; walking around the classroom is distracting to the teacher and other students.

Do not leave the room without the teacher's permission.

Use of the bathroom during class is limited; prepare for class by using the bathroom at home or just prior to entering the classroom.


Bring your homework (if assigned), pencils or pens and crayons to each class.

Parents are asked to assist their children with any lessons not completed in class.

Each child will be provided with a folder in which to keep paperwork; please make sure they bring them to each class.

Disciplinary Action

First Offense: Student will be warned by the Catechist and reminded of the Student Code of Conduct.

Second Offense: Should a second (or third, at the discretion of the Catechist) breach occur, the parents will be called by the Catechist to alert them of their child's misconduct.  It will also be noted on the child's attendance card.

Third Offense: If unacceptable behavior continues, the student will be sent to the Coordinator's office, the parents will be called, and possibly, the remainder of the year's lessons will be taught at home.

Attendance:  Parents will be contacted in the event that a child is absent for two consecutive classes. Your child's continuous attendance at class is essential for his/her retention of the Catholic truths, doctrines, and traditions taught in the class.


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