Children's Liturgy OF THE WoRD


Every Sunday at the 10:00am and 12noon Masses, the children in grades K through 4th are called up to the altar by the Priest, before the Liturgy of the Word, and are escorted to the Parish Hall for the Liturgy readings, the Gospel, and an explanation of both.

There are at least two Ministry Leads at each session and we also have middle school aged children who help where needed. After the Homily is finished in the main church, the children are given pamphlets based on that day's reading and then they are escorted back to the church.

Our ministry has books for each Ministry Lead that explains the day's reading on a level the children can understand. Ministry Leads and Helpers have a choice to which Mass they prefer to volunteer.  A schedule is created month-to-month and the frequency of serving is about every 4 to 8 weeks.

There is a 30 minute training session, and a dress code. All Children's Liturgy of the Word ministers must be fingerprinted and have a background check, as required by the Diocese, at no cost.


Leadership Application

Helper Application 




Christine McFarland