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CRHP Chairperson

Michael Tricoche





Retreat Dates:

Women's Retreat

Next Retreat: 

September 13-14, 2014 



Men's Retreat

Next Retreat:

September 20-21, 2014

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Continuation Committee 



 Fr. Fidel - Spiritual Director

The Spiritual Director (usually priest or deacon) is responsible for the participation of and procuring the cooperation of visiting Priests for the Retreat Weekend Reconciliation process and the Witness for Reconciliation. He will be available for counsel in all matters concerning CRHP process, discernment or questions about reconciliation. He is the go-to-person with any serious problems affecting the teams in formation.



Michael Tricoche - Chairperson

The Chair of the Continuation Committee is first and foremost a student of the CRHP manual. He or she works closely with parish administration in securing facilities for all retreats.Works directly with all members of the Continuation Committee in facilitating the CRHP retreats. Oversees the completion of sub-committee projects, sets agendas, and is the information specialist for all phases of CRHP ministry.Maintains relationship with all other ministry leads. Assists the pastor with the parish mission and goals.



Claudia Lucar - Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for following the CRHP annual calendar and ensure that all avenues of communications in bulletins, flyers, and mailings would reach the parish members in a timely fashion. Also would communicate with the Continuation Committee members, Logistics and Communications Coordinators to assist in an outreach program to promote all CRHP events, i.e. Invitation Sunday, Coffee & Donuts Sunday, Lenten services, parish picnic, International Festival, and any other alumni gatherings.


Paul Widows - Finance Coordinator

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for the collections of all monies relating to all CRHP ministry, retreats, Day of Reflection and other donations. This position requires that all receipts be kept, and deposits made and a monthly financial report be given to the Continuation Committee and parish officer regarding purchases of supplies, and replacements of any support materials needed to ensure the smooth completion of the retreat weekends.


• Ray Oliver (Men) / Kim Michel (Women) - Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator (one for the men and one for the women) is the liaison contact person for the women's & men's formation teams respectively regarding any questions about all phase of the retreat weekend facilities, meals, and any arrangements, procuring all materials needed for a retreat weekend. This position also requires the Logistic Coordinator to take the group pictures during the retreat. The Logistic Coordinator will work closely with the Finance Coordinator, as well as the Communications Coordinator to ensure that all phases of the weekend are secure; have adequate volunteers and supplies available. Also, will work closely with the parish staff to ensure proper functioning of all buildings and equipment is in working order.


Lissa Leger - Script Coordinator

The Script Coordinator will be responsible for the formation of the script and any changes necessary for each retreat weekend. A paper copy and CD disc of all available retreat scriptswill be made available to the current Lay Directors for their use directly after their discernment. The Script Coordinator will up-date any necessary materials and provide the Chair with all forms and CD's for the history files as well as a current retreat script no later than one month before any Retreat date. Logistics will also be given a "final" copy of the current script for scheduling of volunteers one month before retreat dates.


Spiritual Coordinator

These Continuation Committee member interface with the Formation Facilitators for both teams as well as develop a program for the CRHP alumni to increase their faith walk and christian community awareness. This coordinator is the Continuation Committee representative at the Night of Discernment, Night of Discipleship, Night of Pentecost and Day of Reflection and in any other capacity assisting the teams in formation.


Claudia Lucar - Communications Coordinator  

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the master list of all CRHP alumni. Ensuring that all correspondence relating to CRHP retreats or events is distributed to each alumnus of the CRHP retreats and will work closely with the Logistics Coordinator & Events Coordinator to disseminate information necessary for recruiting volunteer participation through e-mails or mailings, or phone tree process.


 Rocio Hamann (Women) / Ed Hamann (Men) - Mentorship Coordinator

These Coordinators will develop a feasible program utilizing the talents and time of other inspired alumni of CRHP retreats, to enhance the spiritual development and mutual support for discerned individuals and their impending weekend retreats. Mentors may be former Formation Facilitators, Lay Directors, H.E.L.P. letter Coordinators, and Invitation Coordinators, Sacristans, Liturgists, Weekend Facilitators and Table Leaders. Folders with materials and guidelines necessary to ensure that the process adheres to the Formation Manual will be distributed to all parties involved with mentoring as well as other helpful guidelines approved by the Continuation Committee.


  Nery Naya - Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for taking all possible notes during the Continuation Committee meetings, organize and distribute within the CC members the meeting minutes,and make sure to provide the agendas for upcoming CC meetings.