Parish Council


The Parish Council is comprised of parishioners, who have been nominated from within the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Community, to assist, confer, and advise the Pastor on the mission of our Christ-centered community.

The Parish Council members are servant leaders, who seek to identify needs, develop concepts, and represent parishioner views, and initiate action on issues of the Parish Community. The Council recommends goals and objectives for the Parish. Appropriate action takes place with the concurrence of the Pastor.

The Parish Council welcomes and encourages new membership; it sponsors the Ministry Fair so to encourage parishioners to share their time and talents within the Parish; and it organizes the yearly celebration of our feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.

Parish Council members are a vital source of information for the Pastor. Parishioners are encouraged to regularly speak with Parish Council members about the needs of the community.

Council Meetings are held the first Monday of each month. All parishioners are invited to the General Meeting which is held annually.

Members serve a 3-year term, beginning September and ending August. A member may serve two consecutive terms. Nominations are brought to the Council and recommendations are presented to the Pastor. If a position becomes vacant during a term, the Council President can fill the position with approval of the Council and Pastor.

If you are interested in offering your time and talent to this organization, contact our President or any Parish Council member.



Kyle Cartier