The Ministry of Readers  are made up of members of our congregation who have been confirmed,  have made scripture part of their everyday life, and who possess the necessary skills to proclaim the  Word of God within the Liturgical Celebrations. 

They ensure that all  the community of Sts. Peter and Paul receives the spiritual nourishment of the Word to experience Christ’s presence in our midst  and make present the past events of our salvation history. As Christ read the scriptures in the temple, He became our example and we want to follow in His footsteps in proclaiming the Word.

Prior to the celebration, the readers have read the readings multiple times until they can deliver the scripture in a powerful way without being overly dramatic or mediocre.


Reader trainings are held 1-2 times per year.  There is a Saturday morning training from the ambo for new Readers.  Practices for various liturgical events are held before hand.  The Diocese of Orlando offers lector training throughout the year. There is no cost involved. If you wish to participate in workshops or purchase lector workbooks there may be a fee.


Readers can be scheduled for any weekend Mass or any Liturgical services where their presence is requested, such as Taize prayer or the Triduum.



Terrie Rowan