This is a workshop for those who are married outside of the Catholic Church for more than two years and who now wish to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. Participants must first receive permission from their current parish in order to register. Couples married less than two years must attend their own parish's wedding preparation program.

A light breakfast and a lunch will be provided.

“Couples already civilly married are not coming to the Catholic Church for a 'blessing of their marriage.' They are consenting to become a sacramental couple in the sight of the Catholic community. A sacramental marriage is an ongoing journey that begins on the day of your convalidation and lasts a lifetime. It involves the married couples’ relationship with God and the Church community as they strive daily to live their sacramental promise.” (Taken from Picture of Love: Convalidation Workbook)


Prior Registration is required. Please click the link below to register for this event. 

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