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Bishop Noonan's Word of Truth Statement regarding the recent news out of Pennsylvania. 

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What's New

diocese of orlando - The year of the eucharist

Taken from the the diocesan website:

The Diocese of Orlando was established on June 18, 1968 and celebrates its 50th anniversary. The diocese is comprised of 79 parishes and 12 missions, two basilicas, 37 schools, and hundreds of ministries. Led locally by our fifth Bishop, Most Reverend John Noonan, the clergy, consecrated women and men, and members of Christ’s faithful strive to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by participating in the Sacraments, studying the Word of God, praying always and in all ways, teaching the faith and caring for those in need. As a thriving and growing community of Catholic faithful, the Diocese of Orlando represents many cultural and ethnic groups, believers of all ages, income levels and education. But they all are united in the universal Catholic Church. In addition to English, Mass is celebrated in the Diocese of Orlando in nine foreign languages: Portuguese, African, Filipino, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Malayalam, Vietnamese, and Creole. We come together for Mass to meet our Savior at the table of the Lord. The Eucharist being the source and summit of Catholic life which unifies and sustains the community of faith, it is right and proper for the Bishop to establish a Jubilee Year of the Eucharist, to enkindle a deeper faith, to form leaders in Christ, and to harmonize ministries in the mission of the Church concurrent with this golden anniversary. The theme for the year is “Stay with us, Lord” based on Luke 24:13-35 describing the Road to Emmaus when disciples urged our Lord, “’Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.’ So he went in to stay with them. And it happened that, while he was with them at table, he took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them. With that their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but he vanished from their sight.” 

In commemoration of this jubilee year, we too will celebrate this special year with focus on the Eucharist.  Please check our bulletin and website regularly for more information.

For more information about diocesan events, please visit: Jubilee Year of the Eucharist



What is Patriotism?

By Fr. Stephen J. Brown, S.J.

In this insightful article posted on, Fr. Brown reflects on the true meaning of patriotism from his work, The Catholic World. He references St. Thomas Aquinas, and discusses how every man has a duty to his country. 

"At first sight it would seem to be a very simple thing to define patriotism and to explain its meaning. It is not so simple. A few years ago somebody had the idea of inducing a score of distinguished persons to answer the question, What is patriotism? When they had done so he published the answers in a substantial volume. All that one of the reviewers of the book can say of the result is that the editor 'starts with the laudable intention of clarifying the vexed question of the nature of patriotism, but has not succeeded in riding the editorial horse with sufficient firmness to get safely home.' So it is a 'vexed question' and, apparently, not easy to clarify.

Yet we have always been told that patriotism is love of one's country. Is there anything obscure in the terms composing this definition? Well, in the first place "love" is one of those words that have almost lost definite meaning owing to vagueness of usage and even positive misuse. 'Country' is a term that has many meanings. It could be translated into French by campagne, paysand patrie. It is this last that is the specific term for the definition of patriotism. And it is somewhat unfortunate that there exists in English no such specific term; fatherland, which is nearest, being really a German word which has never become wholly English. However what is more important than the term is the entity covered by the term 'country' when we speak of love of country. Not that people who are unable to define it may not be thoroughly patriotic. For patriotism, as we shall see, is an instinct almost as natural as the love of kith and kin, which needs no defining. But if we would acquire an intelligent grasp of the nature of patriotism and of the motives which justify it, above all if we would defend it against its adversaries, we must analyze the notion of country."

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Online Giving!

We invite you to consider our new electronic giving program as a way to automate your regular weekly offerings.

Electronic giving is convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for our church. There is no cost for you to participate.

As an example, if you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no longer need to write out 52 checks a year, instead you can set up online donations and simply drop your empty envelope into the basket each week as an attendance record. And when illness, or other circumstances prevent you from attending mass, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.

To find out more about our exciting new service, click here.

Our Catholic Appeal

"Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!"

"To listen to the Word is to have a personal encounter with God.  Psalm 119 guides us towards the Gospel and fulfillment of the law of Jesus Christ.  The Lord and His Word are our 'land' in which we live in communion and joy.

Each year during Our Catholic Appeal, you affirm the Lord and His Word by your generous response in supporting the ministries of the Diocese of Orlando.  You open your hearts to the gift of these ministries because they help each one of you to live more fully in God's Law and to prosper our land with His majestic love. From honoring the divinity of each life, to teaching people of all ages about our faith, to sharing our resources with those who are alone or in need, to holding our parishes accountable for your stewardship in the Lord's name, these ministries bring forth God's law in our land."

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Our Community

Our Community


Mission Statement

We nurture the spiritual lives of our family of believers by leading and inspiring each other to be true Christian disciples.

Our Goals

To deepen and enhance the spiritual life of the parish through liturgy, personal prayer, and devotions.

To provide religious education and spiritual formation. 

To minister to those within the parish family and community.

To reach out to returning Catholics and unchurched persons.

To deepen our commitment to stewardship of prayer, time and talent, and treasure.

To celebrate our diversity and our commonality.

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Parish History

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish was established on July 27, 1967. We celebrated our first Mass on August 13, 1967, on the grounds of Camp San Pedro. During the following two years, Pastor Michael Troy and 200 families were a community on the road, celebrating Mass in San Pedro Center, New Hope Baptist Church and Aloma Elementary School. On November 1, 1969, we celebrated the first Mass in the domed recreational building. It served not only as our church, but also the rectory, church offices, ministry meeting room and community auditorium.