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Welcome, Fr. Alvaro

fr alvaro

Welcome, Fr. Alvaro Jimenez! Fr. Alvaro comes to our parish from Holy Redeemer parish in Kissimmee. He will be taking over responsibilities of the Parochial Vicar, and we are glad to welcome him into our community. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Fr. Alvaro. We look forward to getting to know you, Fr. Alvaro.

Congratulations, Deacon German Romero


Congratulations to one of our parishioners, German Romero, who was ordained by Bishop Noonan to the Order of the Diaconate on June 6th at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. Deacon German will be serving our parish as one of our permanent deacons. Please join us in congratulating German as he makes this step to serve Christ and His Church as deacon.


The Feast of
Saints Peter & Paul,
June 29th

That Saints Peter and Paul suffered martyrdom under persecutions in Rome is virtually certain. The legends about their death lack historical proof, but they make a great story:
Fire broke out in Rome in 64 A.D. under Nero, the emperor-violinist. Housing and places of amusement were destroyed. The people grew angry at Nero, who blamed the Christians for the blaze and persecuted them. To placate the people in their continuing distress, Nero ordered the death of Christianity's two greatest leaders, Peter and Paul, in the year 67.
When Peter heard about the growing persecutions, he fled Rome. But he saw a vision of Jesus walking back toward the city of Rome. “Where are you going?” Peter asked. (“Quo vadis?”) ”To Rome, to be crucified again,” Jesus mournfully replied. Peter, knowing he had to follow his master, turned about and went back to the city.

On the day of their execution, Peter and Paul met. Paul had been in prison in Rome, under house arrest. Since he was a Roman citizen he avoided the kind of death which awaited Peter — crucifixion in the city. Paul was to be beheaded outside the city walls. On June 29, Peter and Paul embraced on the Ostian Way. Peter marched north toward the public arena; Paul marched south outside the city gate. When Paul was beheaded, his head bounced three times. A spring of water gushed forth at each place. (The monastery of the three fountains stands on the site today. The residents make chocolate.) Since the main civic arena had been destroyed in the fire, Peter was crucified in a makeshift location. Claiming he was not worthy to be killed like his master, he was turned upside down on the cross. After he died, his body was buried in a pauper's grave. That grave is the site of the Vatican.

On June 29 we celebrate the apostle of the Jews and the apostle of the Gentiles. Together they brought the message of Christ to the world. So significant is their feast that in some countries it is a holy day of obligation. In the United States, when the feast falls on Sunday, it takes the place of the usual ordinary time liturgy. It helps us celebrate our mission to bring Christ to the world, no matter the cost.

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Online Giving!

We invite you to consider our new electronic giving program as a way to automate your regular weekly offerings.

Electronic giving is convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for our church. There is no cost for you to participate.

As an example, if you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no longer need to write out 52 checks a year, instead you can set up online donations and simply drop your empty envelope into the basket each week as an attendance record. And when illness, or other circumstances prevent you from attending mass, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.

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Our Community


Our Community

Mission Statement

We are a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled family. Responding to the Father's loving invitation, we gather together as a diverse community to worship, to minister to others, and to celebrate our faith through the sacraments, community outreach, education, and personal witness.

Fr. Derk

Our Goals

To deepen and enhance the spiritual life of the parish through liturgy, personal prayer, and devotions.

To provide religious education and spiritual formation. 

To minister to those within the parish family and community.

To reach out to returning Catholics and unchurched persons.

To deepen our commitment to stewardship of prayer, time and talent, and treasure.

To celebrate our diversity and our commonality.

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Parish History

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish was established on July 27, 1967. We celebrated our first Mass on August 13, 1967, on the grounds of Camp San Pedro. During the following two years, Pastor Michael Troy and 200 families were a community on the road, celebrating Mass in San Pedro Center, New Hope Baptist Church and Aloma Elementary School. On November 1, 1969, we celebrated the first Mass in the domed recreational building. It served not only as our church, but also the rectory, church offices, ministry meeting room and community auditorium.