Becoming A Parishioner

Please do not take for granted that you are registered in the Parish just because you attend Mass here. Are you on our mailing list? Do you receive envelopes? If not, it could be quite embarrassing to us, to you, and to your family when someone wants to make wedding plans, have a baby baptized, or if you are asked to act as a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation requiring a note of Catholicity from us. If we have no record of your membership, we cannot do this. To register, ask an usher for a registration form, stop by the Parish Office during the week, or print off the Registration Form below; fill it out and return it to an usher or the office.


PARENTS: If you have children living at home who are 18 years old or older, they need to register in the parish on their own. If you have adult children who are no longer living in the area, please notify the Parish Office at 407-657-6114.


Registration Form

Registration Form / Spanish