Shepherd's Hope


This is a faith based ministry providing access to health care services for Central Florida’s unemployed and uninsured. The poor can receive free non-emergency medical care and frequently free medications.

The program is supported and staffed by volunteers from many different denominational churches in the  community.  The volunteers offer their time, talent, and treasure to run the many clinics.  Doctors and nurses,  as well as those  without any health care backgrounds, volunteer once or twice a month to help run the clinics.  Any parishioner can volunteer as little or as much time as he/she can.

As Christians, we are to follow Christ’s example as he taught us to heal the sick.  Anyone who can volunteer to work at a center one or two nights a month can make a huge difference in the life of the poor who come to receive our services. For general volunteers, there is an application to fill out and a one hour orientation.

Volunteer Code of Ethics


  • Keep confidential all information I may learn directly or indirectly about a patient or fellow volunteer unless legally obligated to do otherwise.  I will only seek information on a client that is important to the performance of my assigned task.

  • Treat all patients, staff, and fellow volunteers with dignity, courtesy, and respect.

  • Celebrate and embrace the diversity of patients, staff, and volunteers, regardless of cultural or language barriers, economic status, physical handicap, or religious preference.

  • Arrive on time for scheduled shift or notify the Health Center Manager as soon as possible if I am unable to maintain my commitments to volunteer as scheduled.

  • Bring an attitude of open-mindedness and willingness for training and supervision.

  • Complete all assigned tasks with a commitment to quality.

  • Present a professional image and demeanor to patients, staff, and fellow volunteers.

  • Discuss any problems, issues, or suggestions with the Health Center Manager.

  • Adhere to Shepherd’s Hope policies and guidelines.

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Abby Seelinger